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                                                    Phone        (770) 461-5513      E- mail

                                                     My Philosophy

                          My name is Monique McIlhenney,  I breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks to 

                          improve the breed.  To breed a quality pup, it must be done for the love

                          of the breed and devotion of placing quality pets with the correct person.

                           I do many hours of research and travel far to determine the best match

                           before breeding.  My home is always open to the adopted parents, and 

                           my family feel that our puppies create life-time bonds. If for some 

                           reason one of my puppies can't be taken care of by the adopted parents

                           the pup will always have a home with me.

                                     Points considered:    Research Pedigree, health of dogs, temperament, size, markings.                                  

                            Show Puppies -   These puppies, to the best of my ability, are within  

                                                     the Standard for Rhodesian Ridgeback.  

                                                     (All show puppies will have all shots for puppies of 8 weeks and micro chip.)  

                            Pet Puppies -      These are puppies from the same litter that will have minor

                                                     flaws that will not allow them to show but are loving, smart 

                                                     companions. This can be a pup without a ridge, a crown that 

                                                     is not of the standard, incorrect bite, and a kink in the pups tail.    

                                                      ( All pet puppies will have shots for puppies of 8 weeks, Micro Chip, sprayed, neutered.)